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Estate Planning, Probate & Wills

5 Estate Planning Docs You Need Before Passing

October 24, 2018, Author: nicks_admin

Essential Estate Planning Seminar June 5, 2019 – 6:30 pm Having certain estate planning documents can be a real advantage to both you and your family. Estate planning relates to the creation of a will and several other documents that are needed to carry out your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate when you […]

Estate Planning, Probate & Wills

Estate Planning and Types of Trusts

May 23, 2018, Author: nicks_admin

Estate Planning and Types of Trusts   There are many different types of trusts, some of which can be useful for estate planning purposes. The many types of trusts generally fall into two basic categories: living trusts and testamentary trusts. A living trust (Inter-Vivos trust) is established during the person’s lifetime. A testamentary trust is […]